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with a Service Plan Plus

Relax, we've got it covered

Thanks for purchasing your robot lawn mower from us!  To ensure you get the most out of your mower and reduce any down time throughout the season we advise that you get a full service annually.  For convenience we have designed a few subscription service plans to help automate your recurring annual service and include an option to receive free call outs and repairs when needed.

Don’t worry we still offer a pay as you go service, however payment for this service is due in advance.

Service Plans

Include blades for the year

Select number of robots, then monthly or annual subscription


Service Plan

Annual winter service only
£ 14
  • Hand collection & return
  • Strip down & deep clean
  • Charge & battery test
  • Gears & bearings check
  • Safety sensor test
  • Software update
  • Lawn operation test
  • Diagnostics & repair labour
  • Blades for the year (up to £30)
  • 1 week after service breakdown cover

Service Plan Plus

Robots within warranty
£ 17
  • Robots within manufacturer's warranty
  • Annual service plan +
  • Unlimited cable break cover*
  • Unlimited breakdown cover*
  • Priority service & repair
  • 7-day fix promise*
  • Courtesy mower after 7 days*
  • Winter storage*
  • Blades for the year (up to £30)
  • See terms click more info

Service Plan Plus

Robots out of warranty
£ 20
  • Robots out of manufacturer's warranty
  • Annual service plan +
  • Unlimited cable break cover*
  • Exclusive breakdown cover*
  • Priority service & repair
  • Winter storage*
  • Blades for the year (up to £30)
  • See terms click more info

All robots require a full service to start the monthly subscription, therefore a sign-up fee of £179.99 is added to pay for full service which includes blades for the year, after this you will receive a full annual service with every 12 monthly payments.

Don’t want a subscription?

Service Plan Plus is tailored for your convenience

Hassle free with no hidden fees, all services included.

If you like the idea of our services freely available whenever you need them at no extra cost? Great, we have designed the service plan plus just for you. Offering you a hassle-free ownership of your robot lawnmower has always been our goal, however for us to be able to provide you with this type of service and to avoid standing with or hand out anytime we meet, we thought it best to put everything into one package.

What do our competitors charge for Service Plus?

For less service options a plan would cost,

£26/month (first 36 months)

Service Plus

Enter the world of convenience. Service Plus is our all-inclusive service package for Automower® users who demand more in terms of convenience and trouble-free ownership. Let us take care of servicing, repairs and winter storage for a full three years at a fixed monthly cost. Service as quiet, easy and efficient as your mower.

Automower® 36 months – £26/month
Yearly service including software update
Winter storage
Free repairs*
Genuine Husqvarna Blades for the season

* Unless product is damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse or misapplication.

For reference purposes


Pay as you go services

With pay as you go services it is just hard to know exactly what the costs are going to be if you encounter an issue with your perimeter wire or equipment. We often find ourself faced with customers who would like the best service available but of course don’t want to be hit with a large bill. So, to be clear, below is a list of our service charges. 

Pay as you go services are charged as follows: (Northern Ireland Prices)

If you prefer to pay as you go for our services,  just click on the service you require above or give us a call to book a service.

Example pay as you go costs

1 year example with one 30min repair call out & a full annual service:

2 year example with one 30min repair call out & 2 x full annual services:

One call out for a cable break and a separate robot issue were we need to take your robot to workshop to test, inc. full annual service:

  • Call out £80,
  • Extra hour on site £40,
  • Collection service £40,
  • Workshop repair£80,
  • 2 week robot hire £60,
  • Full annual service £159.99
  • Blades for the year approx. £30 
  • Total £489.99/40.83 (year/monthly) 
  • Save £238 with Service Plan Plus Out of Warranty

Professional Installation

Lawn Consultation

At Autolawns we offer a complete installation service, starting with a free personalized lawn consultation we can identify your needs including separate areas, driveway crossings, obstacles, and no-go zones. We recommend the correct robot lawn mower for your site based on our years of experience installing and working with leading robot lawn mower brands we can ensure that you get the best robot lawn mower for your lawn.

Installation Method

We have a team of qualified installers with years of experience and collective knowledge, who ensure your robot lawn mower is professionally installed so that it can work to its full potential. We use specially designed cable laying machinery to bury the perimeter wire in the ground and high-quality heavy-duty perimeter wire.

Installation Testing

After the initial installation is complete, we carry out a full installation inspection and test to ensure that all wire has been correctly installed. We test the operation of the robot around the perimeter, obstacles, driveway crossings and that the robot docks correctly in its charging station.

Programming and Set Up

Following the installation, we will program your robot to your lawn’s requirements including, scheduling, mower starting points, cutting height and any other programable features specific to your mower.

Customer Handover 

After all aspects of the installation have been completed. We provide a detailed handover to you. We will show you how to set up/adjust schedules as well as any other features specific to the mower. We will explain how to maintain your mower through the season, simple troubleshooting, and servicing.