How to Measure your Lawn for a Robot Lawnmower

To give you a better understanding of the (m2) squared meter measurements used to describe your robot lawn mowers mowing capacity, the simplest way is to measure your lawn is by measuring the length by the width, assume each large step is equivalent to 1 meter, so if the lawn is 30 large steps long (30m)  by 10 large steps wide (10m) you multiply these 2 figures to give you the to area, 30m x 10m = 300m2. If you have a more complicated lawn break it down into smaller sections.

Another way to get an idea of you area size is to take 4,000m2 as equal to 1 acre, so if you have an idea of the acreage your property is sited on you can take away a quarter to a half of that for your house and driveway etc. So if you have a 1 acre site 4,000m2 you will have a lawn between 2,000m2 and 3,000m2.

For smaller lawns you may want to compare it to a tennis court of 250m2, if your lawn is approximately the size of 2 tennis courts you have around 500m2 etc.

Below you have option so selecting one of the categories your lawn fits into best. I you are still struggling to measure you lawn you have use the tool below on the website.

Lawns up to 800m2

Lawns up to 1800m2

Lawns up to 7000m2

Lawns up to 24,000m2

Don't know the exact size of your lawn?

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