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How to Measure your Lawn for a Robot Lawnmower

Measure lawn on an App

There are various different phone apps that make it easy to measure your lawn, our favourites are Geo-Planimeter and the Kress Robotik Mission. 

Geo Planimeter, this app allows you to drop a series of pins on to your lawn to create an accurate layout of your lawn, with perimeter and area measurements. You can switch between google maps and Apple maps and select the most up to date map.

Kress Robotik Mission, this app allows you to measure your lawn by simply walking around the perimeter, the app records your GPS location as you walk, when finished you have the option to excude zones by walk around them, like flower beds. Use the links below to down load the app and use it as a guest.


Kress app
Kress Robotik Mission App
apple app
google app

Measure lawn on a Map

There are different website you can use to measure your lawn by dropping pins around your lawn, but the one we find the easiest is on the Robomow website. You enter your address and centre your lawn on the screen then use the tool to colour in the lawn area.

Click on the link below to go to the Robomow Measure your lawn tool.

Robomow map

Measure lawn with a measuring tape

The way to measure your lawn is by measuring the length by the width, you can use a measuring tape or take a large step and count it as 1 meter, so if the lawn is 5 meters long by 2 meters wide, you multiply these 2 figures to give you the to area, 5m x 2m = 10m2. If you have a more complicated lawn break it down into smaller sections like in the image.

Take a Guess

4,000m2 = 1 acre, so if you have an idea of the acreage your property, you can deduct the percentage of area that includes your house and driveway etc. (average acre site has 2000m2 – 3000m2 lawn)

2,000m2 = 1/2 an acre, deduct the percentage of area that includes your house and driveway etc. (average acre site has 800m2 – 1400m2 lawn)

For smaller lawns you may want to compare it to a tennis court of 250m2, if your lawn is approximately the size of 2 tennis courts you have around 500m2 etc.

Let us measure it for you

We can come to your property and measure your lawn, but first we will try to get an idea of the lawn size, to give you an estimate of costs. After asking you a few questions about your lawn, we will locate your property on a map and measure your lawn, give you an estimate and if with in your buget come a visit your property to see if everything is suitable.

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