Service Plans Terms and Conditions

Please read description in service plan sign up page to see the services provided for each plan. Some services may be adjusted, added, or removed as we tailor the service plans to best serve you the consumer and be sustainable for us the provider.

1. Reporting Issue
Issues should be reported by contacting either Jason (07719222388) or Nathan (07927668287) via this email: [email protected] We will only accept the issue as being reported when we receive an email which includes information regarding the issue. Telephone calls are for support and are not for logging the fault you must do this in writing via email. Issues that result in your robot not being able to carry out its designed functions, should be reported as soon as possible, were there has been a significant period from when the robot ceased to operate and you reporting the issue, we will not be responsible for any grass cutting services required to make your lawn suitable for use of your robot mower.

2. Customer Obligations
Customers should carryout regular general maintenance of equipment as laid out in manufactures instructions, insure that the lawn is free from items that may cause damage to the robot mower, and take any necessary steps to prevent damage or misuse. We reserve the right to terminate this contract if your obligations are not upheld.

3. 7-Day Fix Promise (service plan plus)
Repairs to non-operating robot mowers shall be made within seven (7) Working Days (excluding weekends and public holidays “working days”) from the day the robot arrives at our workshop, excluding time to make and arrange collection and return delivery, collection & delivery process typically takes 1-3 days, we aim to visit most sites personally however depending on circumstances we may use a courier service, in which case you are responsible for adequately packaging the robot mower for postage.

4. Courtesy Mower (service plan plus)
Should we (Autolawns) deem it not possible to meet the 7-day turnaround time for reasons we are responsible, we shall provide a courtesy mower with similar capabilities to maintain the lawn whilst repair works are being carried out, if no courtesy mowers are available, a traditional mowing service may be provided were necessary.

5. Post Service Breakdown Cover
As standard with our annual service plans, we will provide any necessary labour require to resolve any issue with your robot mower after completion of annual service for up to 1 week of usage or 30 hours whichever comes first. If signed up to the Service Plan Plus, you will have breakdown cover for the entire season.

6. Breakdown Cover (service plan plus)
If your robot mower breaks down and ceases mowing, we will provide the following services, firstly phone support to help diagnose issue and help rule out any unnecessary call out charges. If deemed necessary, a site visit and/or collection service will be arranged to resolve the issue.

7. Exclusive Breakdown cover* (service plan plus – Robot out of warranty)
If your robot breaks down and is no longer in operation we will provide services to resolve the issue free of charge, provided issue is not related to general maintenance or simple troubleshooting. Parts are not included in this cover unless under manufacturers warranty.

Battery related breakdowns and motors with over 4000 hours of operation are excluded from exclusive breakdown cover. However we will offer a 50% reduced rate callout charge or free fitting of these parts when mower is brought to workshop.

8. Service Plan Plus (Robot out of warranty)
Autolawns aim to provide our services to all customers were possible. However should we (Autolawns) deem it not possible to fulfil the services offered on our service plan plus (Robots out of warranty) we reserve the right to refuse application/cancel service plan. Reasons for refusal/cancelation may include but are not limited to robot condition, operational hours of robot, availability of parts.

9. Cable Break Cover (service plan plus)
Cable break cover applies to professional installations carried out by Autolawns. Only accidental breaks or damages to the robot mowers boundary cable will be located and repaired or replaced under this cover, this cover will provide you with free labour, excluding materials required to repair or replace. When locating the break takes longer than 1 hour, we may need to replace entire sections of the boundary cable, cable will be charged for accordingly at rates listed on our website. Breaks or damages caused by groundworks, or other non-accidental means will be charged at our standard call out fees, which can be seen on our website shop

10. Payment
For monthly subscriptions you must have paid for a full 12 months before qualifying for the yearly overhaul of your robot mower. If you break the contract by non-payment before reaching the full 12-month period or yearly payment required to receive the full annual overhaul, your robot will not receive this service until remaining balance is paid including any additional admin fees. Before entering the service plan contract your robot is required to receive a full annual service, in most cases we have added this as part of a sign-up fee or part of the subscription.

11. Charges for Unnecessary Call Outs
Should we be called out to attend an issue that could have been resolved by you carrying out troubleshooting or general maintenance of the robot mower, our standard call out fees will be applied. Call outs are only assigned to malfunctions that require a part replacement or repairs that we cannot expect you to perform.

12. Damage & Misuse
Any robot mowers being subject to accidents, abuse, misuse, negligence, tampering, alteration, modification, wilful damage, or other circumstances that we (Autolawns) cannot be held responsible for, will not be covered under this service plan or any other warranty or guarantee and may result in termination of contract.

13. Manufacture Supply Issues
Unfortunately, due to many circumstances in today’s world it has become common for manufacturers to have difficulty with supply, in which cases we ask you to understand that we will do everything we can to provide for you as promptly as possible.

14. Force Majeure
Autolawns will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of its obligations under these Terms relating to events outside its reasonable control such as acts of God, fire, flood, severe weather, pandemics, explosions, war (whether declared or not), acts of terrorism, industrial disputes (whether or not involving its employees), or acts of local or central government or of any other competent authorities, as well as other force majeure events pursuant to applicable law.

15. Liability
Autolawns liability under these terms are limited to the price paid by the customer to Autolawns and solely for the related service plan purchased.

16. Use of Subcontractors
We may use subcontractors to carry out our services or transfer this contract to a subcontractor who will carry out the obligations laid out in these terms.

17. Consumer Rights
Nothing in these Terms shall in any way exclude statutory rights a consumer may have. Consumer protection law may give the Customer the right to withdraw from the acceptance of these Terms during a certain timeframe. Such timeframe is fourteen (14) days from acceptance or as otherwise provided by mandatory applicable law. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer shall inform Autolawns of its decision to withdraw by notifying Autolawns in writing no later than the 14th day.

Professional Installation

Lawn Consultation

At Autolawns we offer a complete installation service, starting with a free personalized lawn consultation we can identify your needs including separate areas, driveway crossings, obstacles, and no-go zones. We recommend the correct robot lawn mower for your site based on our years of experience installing and working with leading robot lawn mower brands we can ensure that you get the best robot lawn mower for your lawn.

Installation Method

We have a team of qualified installers with years of experience and collective knowledge, who ensure your robot lawn mower is professionally installed so that it can work to its full potential. We use specially designed cable laying machinery to bury the perimeter wire in the ground and high-quality heavy-duty perimeter wire.

Installation Testing

After the initial installation is complete, we carry out a full installation inspection and test to ensure that all wire has been correctly installed. We test the operation of the robot around the perimeter, obstacles, driveway crossings and that the robot docks correctly in its charging station.

Programming and Set Up

Following the installation, we will program your robot to your lawn’s requirements including, scheduling, mower starting points, cutting height and any other programable features specific to your mower.

Customer Handover 

After all aspects of the installation have been completed. We provide a detailed handover to you. We will show you how to set up/adjust schedules as well as any other features specific to the mower. We will explain how to maintain your mower through the season, simple troubleshooting, and servicing.