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Northern Irelands No. 1 for robotic lawnmowers


All our Robots are PIN code protected, but for your added peace of mind our GPS models come with Geo-Fence and Geo-Locate


Our Wiper Premium and Belrobotics range of robotic lawnmowers are second to none when it comes quality of components.


With Quality comes reliability, we have robots still in action since 2007, proving our robots are built to last.


We have 7 years experience working with robot lawnmowers and offer our customers full support, maintenance and servicing.

Lawns up to 1200m2

28cm cutting width

Lawns up to 3600m2

56cm cutting width

Lawns up to 18000m2

25cm cutting width

Lawns up to 5000m2

29cm cutting width

Lawns up to 7000m2

36cm cutting width

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At Auto Lawns, we pride ourselves in supplying you with the best quality robotic lawn mowers from well establish companies who have been manufacturing robotic lawn mowers since as early as 1995.  Yes that’s 25 years you have already missed out on the freedom and enjoyment of a perfectly mowed lawn by an automatic lawn mower.

You have the widest selection of Robot Lawn mowers to choose from here at Auto Lawns in Northern Ireland. Our main Brands are Wiper Premium, Robomow, Ambrogio Robot & Belrobotics, these Brands are not your typical lawn mower manufacturer brands, that is because Robots are the future of grass cutting and like ourselves our brands are specialists in robotic lawn mowers.

With our hands-on experience, we can help and advise you on the best robotic lawn mower to suit your lawn. We will bring one of our robot mowers with us and set it up on a small area of your lawn, to give you a better understanding of its operations.  We have 100’s of robot lawn mowers in action, we may even be able to arrange a visit to see one near by.

Our focus is on robotic lawn mowers, we have acquired a great knowledge our products over the years and are happy to offer you our advice and support. We make it look easy.

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  • Lawns up to 3600m2
  • 9 models available
  • Stronger cutting system
  • Cuts closer to the edge
  • Up to 56cm mowing width
  • Modular design
  • User Friendly
  • Best in test
  • Made in Israel for 25 years
  • Lawns up to 20,000m2
  • 20+ models available
  • GPS smart coverage
  • Geo-Fence & Geo-Locate
  • Superior quality motors
  •  Connected phone app
  • Up to 84cm mowing width
  • Solid blade cutting system
  • Made in Italy for 20 years
  • Lawns up to 24,000m2
  • 4+ models available
  • Pivotal razors cutting system
  • 5 cutting heads
  • Connected phone app
  • GPS assistance
  • Ideal for sports areas
  • Golf Ball Collection
  • Made in Belgium for 18 years

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