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All our Robots are PIN code protected, but for your added peace of mind our GPS models come with Geo-Fence and Geo-Locate


We only select the best quality robotic lawnmowers, from well established manufacturers, some of which have been making robots since 1995.


With Quality comes reliability, The life expectancy of your robot really comes down to how well the robot has been cared for and amount of hours it works.


We have 16 years experience in the robot lawnmower industry and have 3 fully trained engineers, to help you with service and support.

Specialist Brands

We only offer professional robotic lawnmower brands

Here at AutoLawns Robotic Lawn mowers, you have a choice from all these top brands, Robomow, Wiper Premium, Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mowers, Kress Robotik, Stiga, Honda, and BelRobotics. Some of our brands have been specialists in the robotic lawn mower industry since 1995.  We have an automower to suit almost every lawn, with lawn capacities ranging from 150m2 to 75,000m2 (18 acres), the options are limitless when you link several automowers together.  Our brands have some unique features not available on any others brands including the Husqvarna automower

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At Auto Lawns, we pride ourselves in supplying you with the best quality robotic lawn mowers from well establish companies who have been manufacturing robotic lawn mowers since as early as 1995.  Yes that’s 28 years you may have missed out on the freedom and enjoyment of a perfectly mowed lawn by an automatic lawn mower.

You have the widest selection of Robot Lawn mowers to choose from here at Auto Lawns in Northern Ireland. We are a specialist dealer for the following brands, Wiper Premium, Robomow, Kress Robotik, Ambrogio Robot, Stiga, Honda & Belrobotics, most of these Brands are not your typical lawn mower manufacturer brands. Robots are the future of grass cutting and like ourselves our brands are specialists in robotic lawn mowers.

With our hands-on experience, we can help and advise you on the best robotic lawn mower to suit your lawn. We will bring one of our robot mowers with us and set it up on a small area of your lawn, to give you a better understanding of its operations.  We have 100’s of robot lawn mowers in action, we may even be able to arrange a visit to see one near by.

Our focus is on robotic lawn mowers and we have acquired a great knowledge of our products over the years and are happy to offer you our advice and support. We make it look easy.

We are now offering a range of battery garden tools, including, Battery ride on tractors, push & self propelled lawnmowers, cordless strimmers, hedge trimmers and battery leaf blowers.

If you are interested in receiving a quote from us, one of our team will be happy to visit you at your property to assess and measure your lawn.  We can offer you advise on which products will be most suitable for you and your lawn and may set up a small demo or view a robotic mower already in action nearby.

Our robomowers are available for self installation, although if you would like to make sure you are getting the most out of your robot mower we can professionally install and set-up the mower for you. Our after sales services include, winter servicing, repair work, break down cover, lawn care plans and warranty replacements.

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Professional Installation

Lawn Consultation

At Autolawns we offer a complete installation service, starting with a free personalized lawn consultation we can identify your needs including separate areas, driveway crossings, obstacles, and no-go zones. We recommend the correct robot lawn mower for your site based on our years of experience installing and working with leading robot lawn mower brands we can ensure that you get the best robot lawn mower for your lawn.

Installation Method

We have a team of qualified installers with years of experience and collective knowledge, who ensure your robot lawn mower is professionally installed so that it can work to its full potential. We use specially designed cable laying machinery to bury the perimeter wire in the ground and high-quality heavy-duty perimeter wire.

Installation Testing

After the initial installation is complete, we carry out a full installation inspection and test to ensure that all wire has been correctly installed. We test the operation of the robot around the perimeter, obstacles, driveway crossings and that the robot docks correctly in its charging station.

Programming and Set Up

Following the installation, we will program your robot to your lawn’s requirements including, scheduling, mower starting points, cutting height and any other programable features specific to your mower.

Customer Handover 

After all aspects of the installation have been completed. We provide a detailed handover to you. We will show you how to set up/adjust schedules as well as any other features specific to the mower. We will explain how to maintain your mower through the season, simple troubleshooting, and servicing.