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We are always happy to take your call or if wish or if you’re browsing after hours simply fill out one of our contact forms and we will give you a call back as soon as we are available to discuss your needs and determine if a robot lawnmower is best suited for your site. 

We understand not every lawn is going to be suitable for a robot lawn mower and quite often there may be areas where the robot can not or is best not mowing. These areas are typically alongside a road or up a long narrow drive way.

So give us a call or fill out a form and we can start the process of seeing what is possible.

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Initial Contact

When we first make contact with each other, we will be asking questions about your lawn like, is it all one connected lawn or is it split into different sections, can the robot travel between these sections like making a driveway crossing or are they completely unconnected, is there any significant slopes on the lawn especially around the edges.

Next we will determine the area size, you may have already worked this out or we can help explain how to do this. If you send us your location on a map we will be able to measure the area size for the map. We will give you a budget price based on this info.

It will help us understand your needs if you let us know, what you are currently using and what the difficulties are that come with it. Before we would come to visit your site it is good to know if you are ready to make a decision on the Robotic Lawnmower, this helps us gauge how serious you are and how soon we need to get to you. As you can image we get quite a lot of people interested in our robots and unfortunately we can not get to everyone.

Lawn Survey

When we visit your site we are looking for anything that may cause issues for the robot lawnmower when maneuvering around your lawn.  We will look for narrow strips, tree roots, flower beds, slopes in lawn and at edges, ground conditions soft or firm, ruff or smooth, tree or lamp post near edges of lawn, possible driveway crossing points, pathways from one lawn to another, number of zones required, power point for charging station, length and condition of current grass.

With all this information we can advise you on the best robot for the lawn and if there are any limitations.

Hopefully after we have seen what is possible we can then discuss your installation date.

Lawn survey


The installation is normally carried out by the engineer that performed the lawn survey, as they will not need to go into all the details again, unless you have decided on changes or have some questions.

If a power point is available at the correct location near charging station that is always a bonus, however if there isn’t we can often add a new power point for you as our installations are carried out by an approved electrician.

We use a unique direct cable burial machine for laying the perimeter cable, the depth of this can be adjusted to suit the ground conditions but is typically set to 5cm.

We only use heavy grade direct burial cable and have the option to upgrade to an even stronger safety cable with an armoured coating, this is particularly good if you have a lot of rabbits.

We take pride in our work and want you to be happy with all aspects of the set up and install so in the unlikely event you would like us to make adjustments, this is not a problem.

After we have completed the installation and set up of your robot we will show you how to use robot the app and how to carry out general maintenance.


How to keep your robot mower in great working order.

Weekly: Use protective gloves to check blade (clean, if damaged or worn replace blade) remove and twigs or larger items, clean charging points on mower and base station, clean rain sensors.

Monthly: Clean the robot by brushing off any excess grass, use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe mower clean never use excessive water as it may penetrate to mower and cause irreversible damage as it is not water tight.

Yearly: Have your robot serviced by an authorised service dealer. We will contact everyone over the winter months to arrange your annual service.



We can help advise you on any queries you may have on settings or on issues that may arise.

Each mower comes with an informative user manual, which the manufactures have invested a great amount of time, to ensure they have covered most most question you may have. There is a full explanation on settings and features, it includes a troubleshooting guide.

If you are having difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us.


All mowers must be registered for warranty, each mower has different conditions and length of warranty, we advise checking out your user manual or warranty info sheets which come with mowers.

Standard warranty is a return to base warranty, which covers parts and labour but excludes transportation and damage caused during transportation. We are not required to visit your site to repair any warranty issues, however we may offer this service within the first few months of use.


Winter Servicing

We will contact everyone during the winter months to arrange the collection of your robot for its annual service, it is recommended to have your mower serviced yearly to maintain proper care of your robot.

Winter service includes:

Collection, Full Charge, to test battery, 30 min lawn test, recharge, computer diagnostics, software update, full visual inspection, replacement of damaged or faulty parts (excluding cost of parts), greasing of required parts, full robot clean and return of your mower.


We stock a number of parts for your convenience, to help with a speedy repair in the event were we do not have your part in stock we will aim to have this in as promptly as possible. Some warranty item require approval before we can fit.

We have specialist cable break finding equipment should you ever have a break in you perimeter cable which you can not find.

We will always be able to keep your robot in action and aim to have robots back up and running as quickly as possible.


Contact Us

Professional Installation

Lawn Consultation

At Autolawns we offer a complete installation service, starting with a free personalized lawn consultation we can identify your needs including separate areas, driveway crossings, obstacles, and no-go zones. We recommend the correct robot lawn mower for your site based on our years of experience installing and working with leading robot lawn mower brands we can ensure that you get the best robot lawn mower for your lawn.

Installation Method

We have a team of qualified installers with years of experience and collective knowledge, who ensure your robot lawn mower is professionally installed so that it can work to its full potential. We use specially designed cable laying machinery to bury the perimeter wire in the ground and high-quality heavy-duty perimeter wire.

Installation Testing

After the initial installation is complete, we carry out a full installation inspection and test to ensure that all wire has been correctly installed. We test the operation of the robot around the perimeter, obstacles, driveway crossings and that the robot docks correctly in its charging station.

Programming and Set Up

Following the installation, we will program your robot to your lawn’s requirements including, scheduling, mower starting points, cutting height and any other programable features specific to your mower.

Customer Handover 

After all aspects of the installation have been completed. We provide a detailed handover to you. We will show you how to set up/adjust schedules as well as any other features specific to the mower. We will explain how to maintain your mower through the season, simple troubleshooting, and servicing.