Annual winter service only (drop off)

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Annual winter service only drop off (no subscription)

  • Full overhaul strip down
  • Deep clean
  • Charging and battery test
  • Gears and bearings check
  • Saftey sensor test
  • Software update
  • Lawn operation test
  • Diagnostics and repair labour

All parts supplied seperately and charge accordingy.



Annual winter service only drop off (no subscription)

If you prefer to drop your mower off with us please pay here first and arrange a drop off time.

Yearly overhaul strip down

We will strip the robot down and check for any wear and tear or signs of damage or failures.

Yearly Deep clean

Robot will receive a deep clean inside and out.

Yearly Charging and battery test

Robot will receive a full charge and testing of the battery via any manufacturer diagnostic tools

Yearly Gears and bearings check

Wheel and blade motor will be checked, stripped down and gears lubricated and brushes checked and replaced were possible and required.

Yearly Saftey sensor test

Safety features are an important part of your robot, we will individually test each sensor functionality and replace sensors where necessary.

Yearly Software update

Manufacturers continuosly look to improve their machines by bringing out new software, in doing so they can help improve the performance and user settings. We will load the most up to date software on to your robot.

Yearly Lawn operation test

Robots will receive a lawn test here at our workshop and were possible at your site help identify any site issues.

Yearly Diagnostics and repair labour

If we identify an issue or you make us aware of issues we will diagnose the issue and repair. Parts will be charged were applicable.

All parts supplied seperately and charged accordingy.

If you would like to purchase blades for the year or need any other accessories or parts please check out our accessories within our shop. If you require something not listed please let us know.

Additional services that are listed on our Service Plan Plus are not included in this package.

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