10 Reason to Get a Robotic Lawnmower

10 Reasons To Get A Robotic Lawnmower

  1. Rain, hail or shine you will always have the perfect lawn.

No matter what the weather you your robot will always cut the lawn when you are at work or out so you never have to cut the lawn again.

  1. They Recharge themselves

You don’t have to do anything whilst your are out for your robot to continue making your lawn look amazing at all times.

  1. They plan before the cut

The robot will know the area size, how long it will take them to cut the area, and it will know what zones to cut thanks to their built in GPS. So they are always efficient.

  1. Robotic Lawnmowers Are Super Cost Effective

Although most robotic lawn mowers do have a high upfront cost – they are very cost effective as you no longer need to worry about the cost of fuel or petrol, they are much less likely to give you problems cutting down on the cost of servicing and repairs.

  1. They are So Quiet

       Robotic Lawn mowers make virtually no noise so you can cut your grass at 6am on a Sunday morning and not worry about complaints from the neighbours.

  1. They can Mow at night

While you are sleeping your Robot can be making sure your lawn is perfect on a summers day when you wake up.

  1. They Save you time

They save you time as you no longer have to cut the grass and dispose of the grass,  instead you can sit in the sunshine and look at your beautiful lawn.

        8.They are safer for you

       Robotic Lawn mowers have lots of built in safety features, they sense when they come in to contact with an object and reverse and go in a different, there are also lift sensors and tilt sensors which cut off the motors instantly, much safer than loosing a limb in a traditional mower whilst cleaning blocked grass.

         9.They are safe for your pets

        The Zucchetti Wiper Premium Smart Robot Lawnmowers come with the option of purchasing a little device to put on your pets collar to stop the blade when your pet comes close to the robot.

         10. They are super secure

        The robots are protected by a security pin leaving them useless to anyone without the code. If some one does decide to take your robot it will send you notifications of its locations which you can forward to the authorities. If you are unfortunate enough not to get it back most home insurance will cover the cost provided you notify them of owning one prior to theft.

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