Wiper Professional Yard
Commercial Robot lawnmower

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The Yard series has been designed to maintain well kept large
lawns while reducing the labour and maintenance costs.
Yard has always been a top performance robot.

Further improved and technologically advanced, it provides top
cutting results with real reliability at work.

It is equipped with the latest generation electronics with infinite
resources and enhances its qualities thanks to the use of CAN
BUS technology.

This system allows the robot to store and transmit a multitude
of data on a single line, providing and managing at the same
time working peripherals that are simultaneously working in
different situations.


This system allows a self-management and, at the same time, a self-diagnosis of the robot, which is able to restore and
correct anomalous situations. Thanks to this, the robot is able to resume cutting work autonomously.

The strength of the electronic component and the advanced
software management are supported by high-performance,
reliability and long-lasting mechanical components.

The powerful lithium batteries, with which Yard is equipped,
allow the robot to cut without interruption up to 11 consecutive
hours (depending on the battery pack).

Yard 101S

Lawns up to 10,000m2


Yard 2000S

Lawns up to 20,000m2


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