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The K series represent a new generation of robots built of a newly developed modular frame. The Back part encloses the traction and the heart of the robot.

The front part, connected to the drive by means of articulated joint, icludes the cutting unit as well as the active saftey features and crash detection sensors. The two units are closely connected but at the same time independant of each other.

This allows the robot to adapt to the working surface and to followi the lawn profile ensuring high traction, handling capacity and an unrivalled cutting result.  Equipped with the latest generation electronics, it offers many programming possibilities to adapt to different needs and types of gardens, can be easily set from the control panel or conveniently via My Wiper Robot APP.

The high Standards of components and the care in manufacturing allow us to extend, on the models of these series only, the warranty period (limited as specified in the instruction manual) to 6 years.

 It is Ideal for medium to large lawns up to 6000m2 it guarantees efficiency and excellent performance, with its advanced technolgy and long life Lithium battery boasting up to 2:30 hours work time and 1 hour recharge.

The control panel is a full color touch screen which is easy to access, Emergency stop button for quick and easy hault.

The K series can manage uneven sufaces and slopes up to 45%. The rear flexible rubber wheels have a special self cleaning profile, that guarantee traction and quiet running. Front pivoting wheels follow the ground contours, with lift sensors.

GPS mowing management on the S model ensures that the lawn is cut efficiently and effectively. The robot can map the area in which it is working, and the GPS system allows it to optimise the time by avoiding areas that have already been mowed.  Geo-location and geo-fence helps keep your robot safe from theft.

The “S” models are also equipped with the “Connect” system, which allows you to interact fully with your robot via the Wiper App (free for 2 years). Thanks to the App, you can also monitor the movements of your robot and geolocate it, if necessary.

The K Series can manage up to 8 sperate working areas with its advanced work programming, allowing you to control which areas it goes to on which days and at what time.

Wiper KS Premium

Lawns up to 3200m2


Wiper KXL S

Lawns up to 6000m2


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