Wiper Premium I Series
Robot lawnmower

Wiper I series

The I series is the new baby of the Wiper Robot Range. It is Ideal for small lawns up to 1000m2 it guarantees efficiency and excellent performance, with its advanced technolgy and long life Lithium battery boasting up to 2:30 hours work time and 1 hour recharge.

It is light and compact making it easy to transport and thanks to its small size it is agile and can manage even in tight spaces. The control panel has intuitive and easy to access key, Emergency stop button for quick and easy hault.

The I series can manage uneven sufaces and slopes up to 45%. The rear rubber wheels have a special self cleaning profile, that guarantee traction and quiet running. Front pivoting wheels mounted on articulating bumper that follow the ground contours.

GPS mowing management on the S model ensures that the lawn is cut efficiently and effectively. The robot can map the area in which it is working, and the GPS system allows it to optimise the time by avoiding areas that have already been mowed. 

The “S” models are also equipped with the “Connect” system, which allows you to interact fully with your robot via the Wiper App (free for 2 years). Thanks to the App, you can also monitor the movements of your robot and geolocate it, if necessary.

The I Series can manage up to 4 sperate working areas with its advanced work programming, allowing you to control which areas it goes to on which days and at what time.

Wiper I70

Lawns up to 700m2


Wiper I100S

Lawns up to 1000m2


Wiper I130S

Lawns up to 1300m2


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