Wiper Premium C Series
Robot lawnmower

C series

The C series models are the “babies” of the Wiper Premium family, but with all of the technology of the range, they boast impressive performance. The Wiper Premium C Series line was designed and built for small and medium-sized gardens. They feature the precision and agility to move, even in gardens with tight areas or small manoeuvring spaces. 

The models cover cutting areas from 600 m2 to 1200m2 with slopes of up to 35%  and can adapt to all surfaces. They also have user-friendly interfaces and menus on the control panel display, which allow easy programming of the work type, areas and activation times of the robot.

Wiper C8

Lawns up to 800m2

WiperPremium C6


Wiper C12

Lawns up to 1200m2

WiperPremium C6


Wiper C18S

Lawns up to 1800m2


C Series
C Series
WiperPremium C6

·Transmitter built into the recharging base
· Front recharging
· Rear zip opening with locking clip
· Dual front coil
· Motherboard with gyroscope and display in the top of the body
· Return to base at cable and V-meter system (C6 only)
· Easy installation
· Safety lifting sensor
· 3 wheels (2 driven)
· Emergency stop button in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Directive
· Lifting safety in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Finger test in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Foot, Hand, Child’s arm testing in accordance with 60335-2-107
· IEC 60730-1 safety software in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Instructions updated in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Robot lawnmower EN 60335-2-207
· EN 61508-3:2010
· Patented anti-cut blade

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