Robomow’s robotic lawn mowers are strong, fast and easy to use, guarenteeing for a user-friendly, garden friendly and family friendly automatic lawn mower.

Robomow have been in the Robotic Lawn mower business since 1995, their robotic lawn mowers are strong, fast and easy to use. Robomow stands out from the crowd with its unique features, which include cutting beyond the wheel, allowing it to cut closer to the edge of your lawn. It also has the widest cut of 56cm on the RS model, meaning robomow will have your lawn cut in a fraction of the time… freeing up your lawn for you and your family. The robomow has a floating deck, stonger cutting system, user friendly controls and modular design making maintenance effortless.

Lawns up to 200m2

Lawns up to 1200m2

Lawns up to 5000m2

The RS model is for larger sized lawns

Our most complete robot lawn mower model

We have a range of three RS models each designed to suit a certain size of lawn, the RS615, RS625 and RS635 the top of our range, capable of maintaining areas of 5000m2. Only the RS635 includes a robohome, RS615 comes with standard wheels and brushed mow motors. Please note cable, pegs and installation are charged seperately.

Best mowing results

Super sharp blades and extra maneuverability for complete coverage and a perfect cut, every time

Underside of a Robomow RS lawn mower showing the twin blades - AutoLawns

Unmatched power

Advanced mowing technology, floating deck and solid blades handle high grass and tough conditions with ease

Lightening quick

Extra mowing width (56cm!) for a faster mow. More free time to enjoy the lawn!

The RC model is for medium sized lawns

A beautiful robot for your beautiful garden

We have a range of three RC models each designed to suit a certain size of lawn, the RC304, RC308 and RC312 the top of its range, capable of maintaining areas of 2000m2. Only the RC312 includes a robohome, the RC308 & RC312 inc, power wheels, 3.0 Ah battery and 3 years warranty. RC304 comes with cable & pegs, standard wheels, 2.4 Ah battery and a 2 year warranty. Please note cable, pegs and installation are charged seperately. 

Elegant design

Our most stunning mower yet. The perfect addition to your beautifully kept lawn

Close up of Robomow RC design - AutoLawns

External base

Install the Base Station away from the lawn to enjoy every last blade of grass!

External base for Robomow RC lawn mower - AutoLawns

Flawless finish

Unique Edge mode and ‘cut-beyond-the-wheel’ design for that extra special Robomow finish

Top view of a Robomow RC Compact lawn mower with blades - AutoLawns

The RX model is for smaller sized lawns

Our smallest robot lawn mower yet

We have a range of 2 RX models, the RX12u is the simplest and most competively priced, capable of maintaining a single area up to 150m2. The RX20u comes with more feautres and ability to do 5 different zones totaling 200m2.


Our smallest mower yet.

Top view of a Robomow RX Compact lawn mower - AutoLawns

Single button operation

Easy-to-use, less than an hour to install!

Side view of a Robomow RX Compact lawn mower & controller - AutoLawns


Smart app, remote diagnostics & effective navigation
(RX20 only)

Side view of a Robomow RX Compact lawn mower with mobile app - AutoLawns

Don't know the exact size of your lawn?

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Professional Installation

Lawn Consultation

At Autolawns we offer a complete installation service, starting with a free personalized lawn consultation we can identify your needs including separate areas, driveway crossings, obstacles, and no-go zones. We recommend the correct robot lawn mower for your site based on our years of experience installing and working with leading robot lawn mower brands we can ensure that you get the best robot lawn mower for your lawn.

Installation Method

We have a team of qualified installers with years of experience and collective knowledge, who ensure your robot lawn mower is professionally installed so that it can work to its full potential. We use specially designed cable laying machinery to bury the perimeter wire in the ground and high-quality heavy-duty perimeter wire.

Installation Testing

After the initial installation is complete, we carry out a full installation inspection and test to ensure that all wire has been correctly installed. We test the operation of the robot around the perimeter, obstacles, driveway crossings and that the robot docks correctly in its charging station.

Programming and Set Up

Following the installation, we will program your robot to your lawn’s requirements including, scheduling, mower starting points, cutting height and any other programable features specific to your mower.

Customer Handover 

After all aspects of the installation have been completed. We provide a detailed handover to you. We will show you how to set up/adjust schedules as well as any other features specific to the mower. We will explain how to maintain your mower through the season, simple troubleshooting, and servicing.